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Featuring some of our more interactive, predatory or simply oddball water pets in our collection. We typically post new content on our Instagram page so do check it out. Happy to answer any questions that you may have about our pets!

We are also an authorized reseller of American Aquarium Products (AAP) Wonder Shells (Regular and Medicated versions). These are the best way to replicate the continuous change of water in nature, which replenishes essential minerals, cations and electrolytes not found in aquariums and other closed systems.

If you find your water pet lethargic, hiding, or with a loss of appetite or colour, try Wonder Shells and notice the difference. We use the Regular Wonder Shells ourselves in all our tanks, and the results speak for themselves. Absolutely essential for all livebearers (gupplies/mollies/platies), pufferfish, African cichlids, Flowerhorn, rays, goldfish, crayfish, shrimp, snails, turtles, brackish tanks and lobsters.

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