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Wonder Shell (Super Size)

Immune Booster & Water Conditioner


Do your fish or shrimp sometimes seem lethargic, lose their appetite, hide, or sometimes die without reason, no matter what you do? It’s often not your fault – it is difficult to replicate the true water quality of nature, with the electrolytes and minerals from a large body of water. 

Try the Original Wonder Shells from American Aquarium Products (AAP), and complete the missing piece of your fishkeeping journey.

As avid fishkeepers, we use it in all 12 of our tanks, and the results speak for themselves. 

The equivalent of fresh mountain air for your prized pets - they will be active, colour up and reward you with maximum enjoyment for a long time!

Buy medicated wonder shell for treatment and prevention of the most common fish ailments like velvet, fungus, hole-in-the-head

Medicated Wonder Shell (Super Size)

Water Conditioner & Disease Prophylaxis


The ORIGINAL AAP (American aquarium product) Medicated Wonder Shell. Authorised retailer with ready local stock!

*We have ready stock of both Regular and Medicated Shells for immediate delivery or self-pickup. 

**Unlike the regular Wonder Shells, Medicated Wonder Shells are NOT recommended for use in tanks with shrimps or other invertebrates, as well as heavily planted tanks.

Sea-lab no.28 American Aquarium Products AAP Singapore SG online

Sea-Lab No. 28

Essential Trace Elements for the Marine and Brackish Tank

$11.50 (Sold Out)

Sea Lab No. 28 Essential Minerals Automatic Replenisher Blocks for Marine and Brackish Tanks

Please refer to FAQ for breakdown of the trace elements in the ratios that best appropriate natural sea water. 

“I've been running my 90 gallon reef tank with lots of softies for about 15 years. The Sea Lab #28 have been the only product that has been able to keep my calcium right at 430. It doesn't move. I put one block in my refugium in an area of medium to low flow and when it dissolves - then replace it with another one. My alk is right where I want it 8 - 9. When I was using the liquid chemicals and trying to dose manually (before that) - I've never purchased an auto-doser, I was always chasing my calcium levels.....too low, then back up, then too low, etc… I'm very happy that I found it because it works for me. I've never seen spikes with either Alk or Calcium. They stay right where I want them. When the block is almost gone I replace it with a new one. I'm just about to order another box. I found this stuff about 2 years ago and it has really made my life much easier for keeping my ALK and CA right where I want them. You're mileage may vary, but I'm ordering my 5th or 6th box and will continue to order.” – smcdonald

“Using it for years. Works very well.” – Joe C