Frequently Asked Questions

AAP Regular Wonder Shell

What is the AAP Wonder Shell used for?

American Aquarium Products (AAP) Wonder Shell provides essential mineral Cations and electrolytes that have been demonstrated to improve Redox Balance. In the wild, water currents flowing over rocks and substrates continuously supplies fresh water, and also creates a minor charge that benefits all aquatic animals - that is why you rarely see fishes with serious diseases when in their natural habitats. However, it is hard to replicate that in aquariums even with regular water changes, as aquariums are closed systems - meaning that after time, fishes tend to lose their natural vigor when kept in such environments despite the best efforts of the fishkeeper.

For aquariums set-up for fish which come from bodies of water that tend to be more soft, these fish still need positive mineral electrolytes for osmoregulation and Redox Balance. However this does not mean the same amount to all fish; as with many fish and planted aquariums, a little goes a long way.The basic principle is to have at least some Wonder Shell piece, fragment, etc. present, no matter how small, just to be able to provide constant mineral Cations that are present even in the softest natural bodies of water in the wild.

Will Wonder Shell increase the pH or GH of my tank water?

No, it will not increase or affect pH; it will buffer GH to ideal conditions when dosing according to tank size.

How long does a shell last?

The Regular Wonder Shell treats up to 350L.

Many factors affect how fast it dissolves - such as the size of your tank, where the shell is placed, the general hardness (GH) of your water, frequency of water change.

As a starting point, we recommend a 1/4 dose, or even just fragments added as they dissolve, and increase from there as needed. Simply replenish into the water column once fully dissolved, or as needed.

Please refer to this YouTube link for more info:

You may calculate your tank volume here:

How do you dose Wonder Shells?

Calculate the amount required based on your tank size - The regular Wonder Shells can also be broken into smaller pieces to maximise your purchase. Using a flathead screwdriver placed in the middle of the shell, then hit with a hammer allows for easy splitting.

American Aquarium Products (AAP) Recommended Dosage (Per Shell):

  • 1 Shell for 350L : 1/4 strength

  • 1 Shell for 160L : Half strength

  • 1 Shell for 50L : Full strength

Please calculate your dosage accordingly based on the size of your tank, bearing in mind water displaced by decorations and internal filters, etc.

You may calculate your tank volume here:

What species will benefit the most?

All aquatic animals will benefit from having at least some fragment of Wonder Shell in the tank. We have seen the best results in Flower Horns, African Cichlids, Parrot Cichild, Pufferfish, Stingrays, all Livebearers (mollies/guppies/platys), all Goldfish, Brackish Water fish, as well as all Shrimps, Crayfish, Tortoises, Snails and Crabs.

Do I still have to do water changes when I use Wonder Shells?

Water changes are essential to remove dissolved waste and by-products from the water column; Wonder Shells do not replace regular tank husbandry in this regard. Don't be lazy! :P

Could I add Wonder Shells to my Freshwater/Brackish/Marine tank?

AAP Regular Wonder Shells are designed for freshwater and brackish tank applications only. If you require Wonder Shells for your Marine Tank, kindly contact us.

AAP Medicated Wonder Shell

What Does The Medicated Wonder Shell Treat?

  • This product truly shines as a preventative when used with new fish or during times of stress, such as after a move or after aggressive behaviour-induced stress eg. Monster Fish Tanks, African Cichlid aquariums.

  • The Medicated Wonder Shell builds upon the benefits of the Regular Wonder Shell by adding a proprietary mix of medication in a dosage designed primarily as a prophylaxis (disease prevention) for the most common fish diseases, including white spot, velvet and fungus, while providing all the benefits of the Regular Wonder Shell.

  • Unlike the Regular Wonder Shell, do note that the Medicated Wonder Shell is not meant for continuous usage, but is very useful to always keep handy for the times when fish are starting to show unusual symptoms.

  • **The Medicated Wonder Shell is also not meant for use with shrimps or heavily planted tanks. Use the Regular Wonder Shell for those applications.

What Medications Are Inside, and Do I Need To Do Water Changes With A Medicated Wonder Shell?

The medications chosen are a blend of malachite green, methylene blue and copper sulphate, in the optimum dosage combination by AAP designed specifically for the Wonder Shell. The calcium in the Shell also helps reduce the toxicity of malachite green, and when combined with the slow release nature of the Medicated Shell, we get good outcomes even for more delicate species.

For maximum benefit and effectiveness, do not do water changes when treating with the Medicated Wonder Shell, unless your fish are exhibiting particular symptoms during treatment - in which case, a ~10% water change should suffice.

How Long Does a Shell Last?

Many factors affect how fast it dissolves - such as the size of your tank, where the shell is placed, the general hardness (GH) of your water, and frequency of water change.

One Medicated Wonder Shell treats 150L. Please calculate your dosage accordingly based on the size of your tank, bearing in mind water displaced by decorations and internal filters, etc.

You may calculate your tank volume here:

Unlike the regular AAP Wonder Shell, the Medicated Wonder Shell (MWS) should always be used at full strength, otherwise it will not be effective. Do not dilute by changing more than 10% water during treatment.

AAP Sea-Lab No.28

Trace element breakdown:

  • Aluminium (Al): 0.01 mg/L

  • Boron (B): 4.6 mg/L

  • Calcium (Ca): 400 mg/L

  • Chromium (Cr): 0.00005 mg/L

  • Cobalt (Co): 0.005 mg/L

  • Copper (Cu): 0.003 mg/L

  • Fluorine (F): 0.3 mg/L

  • Iodine (I): 0.06 mg/L

  • Iron (Fe): 0.01 mg/L

  • Mangenese (Mn): 0.002 mg/L

  • Molybdenum (Mo): 0.01 mg/L

  • Nickel (Ni): 0.002 mg/L

  • Selenium (Se): 0.004 mg/L

  • Silicon (Si): 3 mg/L

  • Strontium (Sr): 8 mg/L

  • Tin (Sn): 0.002 mg/L

  • Vanadium (V): 0.002 mg/L

  • Zinc (Zn): 0.014 mg/L


When will my order be shipped?

We will endeavour to ship out your order the next working day, and you will be able to receive it within the next 2-3 days. Depending on the size of your order, it may arrive by either SingPost or Courier.

In the unlikely event that there is a delay in shipping, we will keep you updated. If you did not receive your order within a week, please WhatsApp us at +65 9321 7918.